Service Recap

Thursday, 15th December, 2016

Ministering: Pastor Favour Osiri

Text: Proverbs 4: 18

The path of the righteous shines more and more. This means that each coming year should have us reaching for higher heights and attaining more, in every area of life – spiritual, financial, family, business, career.

1st Kings 18: 30-34

For you to have a better 2017, there are some things in 2016 you have to put in order. Otherwise, you’ll have a ‘carry-over’ in 2017.

2017 is a blank check, there’s nothing you write you can’t cash because heaven’s resources are infinite.

Areas you need to put in order:

1. Word life – Your bible study. This is important because as Christians, we live from our spirit. If you want to experience more in 2017, get deeper into the Word.

John 6: 63 – The Word is life.

2. Prayer life: Prayer will change your atmosphere, God answers prayers, and prayer works wonder. James 5: 16

You may not have the time to pray for hours at a stretch, but if you can take 10 minutes at every top of the hour to pray each day you’d have prayed for 240 minutes i.e 4 hours. If 10 monutes is not feasible, 5 minutes at every top of the hour will still do much wonder in your life.

Prayer preserves you. A Christian whose spiritual atmosphere is always charged would hardly succumb to sin.

3. Financial life: How faithful were you in tithe paying in 2016? How much of a blessing were you to others, the church, and even your spiritual overseers financially in 2016? What are your plans for making more money in 2017? What are your first quarter financial goals in 2017?

Answering these questions would help you move financially forward in the coming year.

4. Health – ‘You are what you eat.’ This popular saying can’t be outdated. Even in 2017, taking responsiblity for your diet and overall health would go a long way in determining how healthy you’ll be in the new year.

5. Kingdom advancement – How many people did you share the gospel with? How many souls did you win in 2016? How many Christians did you encourage? How did you serve in 2016?

The desire of every Chritian should be to offer more, give more even in Kingdom advancement, which is God’s heart beat.

2017 is your best year yet and it is so because it can be anything you plan it to be. Do me a favour. Don’t think small. Stretch your mind and imagination. God said to Abraham: ‘as far as your eyes can see.’ What can you see?

Next Thursday, we will be taught on practical planning toward 2017 by Pastor Osiri Wisdom. I look forward to cruising through the new year, living my best life, with you because I trust you’ll take the chance to program the year of your dream with us. The best way to predict your future is to create it.

God Bless You. I Cherish & Value You.