Service Recap. Sunday, 27th November, 2016

Ministering: Pastor Osiri Wisdom

Text: John 16: 8

Reproving the world of sin is the priority of the Holy Spirit and as Christians with the Holy Spirit indwelling in us, this should also be our priority.

Convicting someone of sin or getting someone to be born again is not YOUR work. But, the work of the Holy Spirit. All that God has assigned you to do is, to share your faith.

1st John 1: 1-3

Some reasons why some Christians do not share their faith:

  1. Ignorance of the reward package. John 15: 16
  2. Poor foundation of faith/ not rooted/ offense. Mark 4: 17
  3. Shame/ Timidity/ Fear of rejection and insult. 2nd Timothy 1: 7
  4. Uncertain of their faith/ salvation. Guilt of past life/ sin. 1st John 1: 9 “You are forgiven.” Hebrews 8: 12 – God doesn’t remember your sin. Romans 8: 2.
  5. The want/ lack for too many scriptures. Sometimes, one or even no scripture at all may suffice to preach the good news. Your life is an epistle. Your testimony is a tool to use. Some scriptures you may use to start up your conversation: Amos 4: 12, Hebrews 9: 27.
  6. Busyness. 1st Kings 20: 39-40. There are people you only can reach.
  7. Worldliness. Being carried away by the things of this world and forgetting the things of eternal value and reward. Proverbs 11: 30.
  8. Procrastination. John 4: 35
  9. Inferiority complex towards unbelievers. Know your worth and your worth is in Christ. Even David had that problem when he lamented in Psalm 73, but towards verse seventeen he had a change of perspective: “Till you know their end, do not envy them.”
  10. Some people think the work of sharing the gospel is reserved for “evangelists.” Every Christian has been called to this work as stated in the ‘Great Commission.’ Mark 16: 15
  11. Some people have been trapped to the ‘God of gold;’ they have been consumed with pursuing money that they have no time to share the gospel. ┬áMark 4: 19
  12. Their lifestyle outside church have crippled other people. Jude 1: 3-4 (GNT).

I hope this has encouraged you to share your faith with someone and make a difference in their life. The best gift you can give someone, especially this festive period, is the gift of sharing your faith, our Lord Jesus Christ with them. He has made a difference in your life. Why not give others the privilege of having same? You can start by sharing this post. You never know whose life it will bless. Next Sunday, we will be taught on ‘Rekindling Your Passion For God.’ Stay connected.

God Bless You. I Cherish & Value You.